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2013-08-29 07.06.44-1After two weeks of ‘parts hunting’ finally got parts i need to kick off the physical building of server.  Got all essential hardware for a entry level server for under $500, $468.07 to be exact. This is my minimum requirement for my server, will continue to add memory, hard drive, etc… as time goes on as i see fit.

Case: $45.00
Hard Drives $80.00
Memory $98.09
CPU/Mother board $199.99
Power Supply $44.99

Total $468.07

Below are more detailed information on the hardware.

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As I gather the hardware for Project W12E13, due to VMWorld going on, all these visualization talk got me thinking “do I really want to use Microsoft Hyper-v Core 2012 or VMWare vSphere Hypervisor for my virtual server?”


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Finally got time to update blog and start a new project, Project W12E13

In Project W12E13, short for project Windows Server 2012 & Exchange 2013, I will be setting up hardware and installing Windows Server 2012 Hyper-v, configuring and installing virtual servers, setting up an exchange environment on the virtual servers and hopefully migrate current Server 2008 & Exchange 2010 environment over.

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