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This article covers scripting Microsoft Exchange 2013 certificate update. Updating all Client Access Server (CAS) in an Exchange environment all at once and deleting old certificate.  Unable to attach the .ps1 file but below is a video of script in action and the content of the script

Syntax for running the script:

.\CertUpdate.ps1 -CertPath <path to .pfx file> -CertFName "<Certificate Friendly Name>"


.\CertUpdate.ps1 -CertPath C:\Temp\w12e13_2015.pfx -CertFName "W12E13 - StartSSL"

20141019 - Exchange Update



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This episode covers switching Windows 10 from desktop menu view to tiles.


One of numerous videos in my Two-Click (2C) video series

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Just thought i put it out there…

The steps for setting up a Windows 10 computer not domain joined to manage a Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V host server which is domain joined is the same as Windows 8.1.

See my previous post on the steps:

20141014 - HyperV Manager