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Are you tired of all the ceremony it entitles to connect to Office 365 (O365) environment via PowerShell?

Then you are in luck, i have been using this for a while just realized not everybody got it this easy, so I am sharing the wealth.

This article covers using a simple script I concocted that will connect you to an Office 365 (O365) environment with as little as a 2 clicks.



Step by step instructions:

  • Download
  • Navigate to C:\Temp\ directory and extract files into C:\Temp\ directory
  • Then you need to edit the O365-Connect.ps1 file to fit your environment variables.

$Username = “<Username for Admin Account for O365>
$SPOAdminSite = “URL for SPO Admin site

  • When you are done editing the information save and close the file.
  • You can now double-click on the ‘O365-Connect’ shortcut to login to your Office 365 environment


As always video for visual learners


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