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This article covers connecting with PowerShell for Office 365  (O365) management (Office 365 users and licensing; SharePoint Online; and Lync Online), similar to steps in

O365 Connect

First you need to get the following application for the Operating System you are running;

  1. Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant (
  2. Windows Azure Active Directory PowerShell Module (
  3. SharePoint Online Management Shell (
  4. Lync Online Connector module (


Close all PowerShell Window and install all 4 application then you are set for Administering Office 365, all that is left is to connect to the appropriate services.


Office 365 users and licensing


O365 Connect Credentials

Test connection by running



SharePoint Online

Connect-SPOService -Url

<<Login screenshot>>

Test connection by running



Lync Online

$lyncsession = New-CsOnlineSession

<<Login screenshot>>

Import-PSSession -Session $lyncsession

Test connection by running



You should now be connected and able to manage all 3 services in one PowerShell windows

Video for visual learners, got you back 🙂