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This is another script in my toolbox, I have tweaked it a little to look pretty and work in other environment.  The script is used to update certificates on the ADFS server and to update the ADFS signing certificate on Office 365 Federated domains. It’s not in any way a perfect script but gets the work done. Download script here

20151025 - AFDSCertUpdate1


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Let me start off with state that i know there are other ways that might be simpler for other people (i.e. Performance Counter) but i still like the old fashion way. Below is how i check my exchange queues when someone reports a delay issue.

20151022 -Exchange Queue


Just 2 lines does the job effectively

$tServer = (Get-ExchangeServer | ? {$_.serverrole -like "*Mailbox*"}).name
$tServer | % {Get-Queue -Server $_ | ? {$_.messagecount -ge 0}}

Where the “0” in the script can be change to any thing you deem significant, example;

$tServer | % {Get-Queue -Server $_ | ? {$_.messagecount -ge 10}

Please note that this is only for Exchange 2013 and 2016