This post covers PST Migration to Office 365 (O365) using the O365 import feature that is still in preview. As with all my videos\posts this is not a studio production and thing do go wrong and we work through them. Post Covers steps and video of a demo PST Migration, enjoy!!

Post Migration






-Verify domain
-Add users, send new account information to users
-Block logon access
-Create mapping CSV
-Confirm Admin User has Mailbox Import Export permission
-Send notification to users, steps to take after migration

Migration (Migration Start Day)
-Complete O365 Domain setup, add O365 MX Record to domain registrar
-Delete old MX Record
-Export PST – User’s Step
-Upload PST to Azure
-Update mapping CSV
-Start Migration
-Wait – Patience is the life blood of migration

Post Migration
-Confirm mails are in mailbox of few Migrated users
-Remove logon block for users
-Prepare for calls on Monday 🙂