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This article covers using my custom script to configuring WinRM HTTPS on an Azure Nano Server. The script (NanoWinRM-SelfSCert-Deployment.ps1) creates a local self-signed certificate on machine and use that certificate to configure WinRM HTTPS on the Nano Server. This option created a shared on a storage account to transfer certificate. Requirements for running script are;

  1. Azure Global Admin Account
  2. Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016
    • Windows PowerShell 5.1
  3. Azure PowerShell 3.0+
Configure WinRM HTTPS on Nano with Local Self-Signed Certificate

Configure WinRM HTTPS on Nano with Local Self-Signed Certificate



Please always review content of scripts before running. Steps in script;

  1. Login to Azure and Select subscription
  2. Get Virtual Machine information
  3. Get content from ‘securefile.txt’
  4. Create and Export Self-Signed certificate to PFX
  5. Create an Azure Files Share location and upload PFX file to location
  6. Using Custom Script Extension to deploy WinRMHTTPS-FCSC-Set.ps1, which configures WinRM HTTPS using certificate uploaded to File Share
  7. Cleaning up configuration not needed after configuration

From time to time I update scripts to make them more effective, so see file history in GitHub.

This script can be found on GitHub, link below;


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