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Postman Configuration for Azure

Postman is a cross platform API development tool, used widely to make Rest API call to perform CRUD operations.  Rest API is the primary means of communicating in Azure and Postman gives an intuitive user interface to send Rest API requests, save responses from request, add tests, and create workflows.  This article contains steps/information that can be used to connect Postman to an Azure environment so the environment can be managed using Azure Rest API from Postman.



  • Install Postman application, here
  • Get information from Azure Environment
    • Tenant ID from Azure Active Directory
    • Create or get application ID from an application within the tenant that has rights to subscription you plan to manage
    • Create an application key/secret
    • Subscription ID
  • From Postman, import Azure – Management Collection template
    Import Collection
  • From Postman, import Azure Environment template
  • Update PostmanAzure Environment with information from Azure Environment
    Update Environment details


Result 1

Result 2


Video of Setup


Linked to code for module in GitHub

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