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This is another script in my toolbox, I have tweaked it a little to look pretty and work in other environment.  The script is used to update certificates on the ADFS server and to update the ADFS signing certificate on Office 365 Federated domains. It’s not in any way a perfect script but gets the work done. Download script here

20151025 - AFDSCertUpdate1


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Just a little script I put together during the week to update primary email address on a user account that is been synced over to Office 365 (O365) from Active Directory (AD).  It’s not in any way a perfect script but gets the work done. Download script here


.\UpdatePE.ps1 -NewDomain -Address -KeepCurrentPrimary
.\UpdatePE.ps1 -NewDomain -KeepCurrentPrimary
.\UpdatePE.ps1 -NewDomain 
.\UpdatePE.ps1 -NewDomain -Address

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This video covers the end to end process of adding a new domain to an existing Exchange-O365 Environment.

It covers; SPAM Filter setup, External DNS, O365 Domain validation, Configure AD, Adding user in Exchange, DirSync, O365 Federation and more…


As my Lab environment grows i am trying to streamline the process using ADFS to do all my authentication, below are the steps i used to setup Exchange 2013 to use ADFS for authentication


ADFS, a functioning ADFS system running
Exchange 2013, a functioning exchange system
Certificate, from a publicly trusted CA, this could be the same certificate you use for Exchange environment provided it has a SAN for ADFS environment.
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