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This post covers PST Migration to Office 365 (O365) using the O365 import feature that is still in preview. As with all my videos\posts this is not a studio production and thing do go wrong and we work through them. Post Covers steps and video of a demo PST Migration, enjoy!!

Post Migration



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UPDATED: 12/25/2016

Script update as Azure RM cmdlet has changed since original script was created
Redid video as old video was bad quality and  also the script changes needed to reflect in new video.

This article covers the demonstration of a custom script I created to automate Azure DNS and Office 365 (O365) domain configuration. The script will login into Azure and Office 365 to automate the adding, verifying of domain and adding the necessary DNS records to AzureDNS to complete domain setup in Office 365 portal. Requirements for running script are;

  1. Office 365 Global Admin Account
  2. Azure Global Admin Account
  3. Azure PowerShell 3.0+
  4. MSOnline Module installed
Add Office 365 Domain using AzureDNS

Add Office 365 Domain using AzureDNS


.\Add-O365DomainAzureDNS.ps1 -Domain <Domain> -SubscriptionId <SubscriptionId> -ResourceGroupName <ResourceGroup>



 .\Add-O365DomainAzureDNS.ps1 -Domain -SubscriptionId 1d6737e7-4f6c-4a9e-8cd4-996b6f003d0e -ResourceGroupName AzureT

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This is another script in my toolbox, I have tweaked it a little to look pretty and work in other environment.  The script is used to update certificates on the ADFS server and to update the ADFS signing certificate on Office 365 Federated domains. It’s not in any way a perfect script but gets the work done. Download script here

20151025 - AFDSCertUpdate1


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The article covers storing credential ‘securely’ to be used later in a PowerShell script. It involves export credential into a xml file and importing that credential when need to authenticate.

I used the store credential process to customize an existing script, this method can be used anywhere where a PowerShell script needs a credential.

One of numerous videos in my Two-Click (2C) series

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