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This is another script in my toolbox, I have tweaked it a little to look pretty and work in other environment.  The script is used to update certificates on the ADFS server and to update the ADFS signing certificate on Office 365 Federated domains. It’s not in any way a perfect script but gets the work done. Download script here

20151025 - AFDSCertUpdate1


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Thought i should start sharing some tools in my little tool box, this is my Exchange Start-Services script.

In my Lab at home the Virtual Machines are running minimal specs so i am always encountering issues with automatic Exchange services not starting at boot up so i came up a little script to solve that issue. The script can be manipulated to be used for any service or services.

Just 4 lines of ‘code’ and that’s it, script can be  run 30 minutes after server bootup as a scheduled task or on demand. Download script here



Breakdown of script below

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Deployed ADFS 3.0 a few months back unfortunately did not get it on video nor did take screenshots of the steps. As i am getting old, blogging everything i do on my environment is how i keep track of what was done, so this posting is just for tracking.

ADFS 3.0 unlike ADFS 2.0 is very easy and simple to deploy, since its part of Windows Server 2012 R2, the installation is basically adding an AD feature, you done one you’ve done all.

20150705 - W12E13ADFS

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