Hard Drive

About a month ago, power surge brought down my W08E10 environment. This weekend was finally able to assess the damage, it turns out 4 seagate hard drives were toasted which included both data drives and their backup. So that environment is gone for good but replacing hard drive and using current hardware to expand my W12E13 environment.


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Still working on my Video skills… Enjoy…



Steps in Current Video:
Created an image machine and drive.
Sysprep image drive
created 3 machine
Copied image drive 3 times
Attached each machine to one of the copied drive.

In short deployed 3 machines with only one installation of Operating System.

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Hectic start to the winter this year.  Already lost a drive to the cold in my Air Side System and winter hasn’t officially started yet. Currently running on backup. Decisions, decisions… should i replace drive or decommission old Server….

20131210 - BadDrive