Thought i should start sharing some tools in my little tool box, this is my Exchange Start-Services script.

In my Lab at home the Virtual Machines are running minimal specs so i am always encountering issues with automatic Exchange services not starting at boot up so i came up a little script to solve that issue. The script can be manipulated to be used for any service or services.

Just 4 lines of ‘code’ and that’s it, script can be  run 30 minutes after server bootup as a scheduled task or on demand. Download script here



Breakdown of script below

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Just a little script I put together during the week to update primary email address on a user account that is been synced over to Office 365 (O365) from Active Directory (AD).  It’s not in any way a perfect script but gets the work done. Download script here


.\UpdatePE.ps1 -NewDomain azure.hazelnest.com -Address hhazeley@o365.hazelnest.com -KeepCurrentPrimary
.\UpdatePE.ps1 -NewDomain azure.hazelnest.com -KeepCurrentPrimary
.\UpdatePE.ps1 -NewDomain azure.hazelnest.com 
.\UpdatePE.ps1 -NewDomain azure.hazelnest.com -Address hhazeley@o365.hazelnest.com

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This video covers the end to end process of adding a new domain to an existing Exchange-O365 Environment.

It covers; SPAM Filter setup, External DNS, O365 Domain validation, Configure AD, Adding user in Exchange, DirSync, O365 Federation and more…