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Microsoft Exchange 2013 Mailflow configuration.

This covers step 4 of my Exchange environment installation, configuring and testing internal and external mailflow in the environment.


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Since i had initially installed Exchange 2013 CU2 i have to upgrade servers to the latest Microsoft Exchange 2013 CU5.



Steps in video:
Upgrading Server to Exchange CU5


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This covers Step 2 of my Exchange environment installation, Mailbox Server (MBX) installation.

Seems like i ran into some voice issues that i was not aware of during the recording so lost audio in last half of the video but the show must go on.  Enjoy….

Steps from

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Finally got time to continue working on Project again…

From past experience i have learnt to always install a Multi-role (CAS and Mailbox) server first when deploying Microsoft Exchange 2013 but alas i forgot and started with CAS role.

Steps from

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