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ms exchange 2013

Thought i should start sharing some tools in my little tool box, this is my Exchange Start-Services script.

In my Lab at home the Virtual Machines are running minimal specs so i am always encountering issues with automatic Exchange services not starting at boot up so i came up a little script to solve that issue. The script can be manipulated to be used for any service or services.

Just 4 lines of ‘code’ and that’s it, script can be  run 30 minutes after server bootup as a scheduled task or on demand. Download script here



Breakdown of script below

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Love the first sketch so bad i couldn’t resist doing another one when environment changed. With only Project W12E13 the environment is much easier to handle.

20150703 - W12E13

This article covers adding a domain to a MS Exchange 2013 on-premises environment. Steps include but not limited to;

MX Record Update
Adding UPN Suffix in AD
Adding domain to Exchange
Email address policy



This article covers scripting Microsoft Exchange 2013 certificate update. Updating all Client Access Server (CAS) in an Exchange environment all at once and deleting old certificate.  Unable to attach the .ps1 file but below is a video of script in action and the content of the script

Syntax for running the script:

.\CertUpdate.ps1 -CertPath <path to .pfx file> -CertFName "<Certificate Friendly Name>"


.\CertUpdate.ps1 -CertPath C:\Temp\w12e13_2015.pfx -CertFName "W12E13 - StartSSL"

20141019 - Exchange Update



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