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Video covers setting up coexistence between Google Apps and Office 365 most times during a ‘stage migration’



Video covers migrating a user from Google Apps to Office 365.




Showcasing my ‘ImmutableID Swiss Army knife’.  A tool that takes hours of Active Directory  Sync prep work and put it into a few click with worries about sync issues of loss of data. Even though script is currently design to work with AADConnect everything except the -ForceSync switch will work with DirSync and AADSync.

20160317 - AADConnect Automation

Script Output

Download Script Here


.\SyncMasterPlan.ps1 -O365Domain <Domianname> -O365Connect -PrepAD -ForceSync


.\SyncMasterPlan.ps1 -O365Domain -O365Connect -PrepAD -ForceSync


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