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After 2 months for vigorous testing i think i am in a good position to give my review on this device (BLU DASH 4.0)and move on.

2013-12-20 15.34.10

All in all this is a great device money well spent. Got about 2 major Pros and Cons i think i should mention.


Dual Sim
Its saves me carrying a work phone and a personal phone all the time, with this device i just have one phone. When i don’t need to receive a work call i turn the work sim off so get no calls on it. When i save a work contact i can specify that this contact should only be called using work number. These are 2 of many features of the dual sim capabilities.

This phone was priced under $100 and it was worth every penny. The quality of the device material was excellent, touch screen was state of the art and i still can’t believe it was so reasonable but that’s why i love it more. PRICE:


I could not get an SD card to work and i tried a 8GB and a 1GB both worked for a day then die. Cards actually died, can not use them in any other device had to get new ones. Thinking about calling up BLU to get me a refund on these memory cards.

Not sure if its because i am use to better cameras with flash the camera on this device was too dark for me. The picture size were descent but light quality was bad, if you are not into pictures on your phone then this a big deal. Sample below is not the best sample to show the light quality but the only photo i have handy right now

 BLU Dash Photo2013-12-26 14.38.44P

I could only find 2 cons which doesn’t not really affect the functionality of the device. Get device if you need a great device for a reasonable price.